Palliative Care

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care is an approach being in need to adults and children both that improves the quality of health of the patients, as well as families who are dealing with problems linked with enduring life-threatening illnesses. It routinely relieves the suffering of the patients in need through early identification, correct estimation and other problems, whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual. Every year, more than 50 million people approximately are in dire requirement of palliative care out of which only a small ratio of those in need actively receive it. We at Nurses & Caregivers strive our best to provide you the ultimate team of our caretakers with well expertise. We take in consideration your health as our top most priority, and assist you emotionally and morally to fight against the negative and to broaden the perception of life optimistically.

How we can be of help?

Palliative care, also called as comfort care, is a kind of health care and assistance for patients facing critical and life threatening illnesses. Our palliative care experts are well-trained to perform their duties and responiblities at hand in a variety of settings be it, home, hospitals, long -term care facilitites or hospices. The priamry aim of our care giver is always to improve the quality of health of the patients, as well as families who are dealing with problems associated with critical illnesses.

What services our caregiver offers?

Our caregiver can perform a range of services to make your loved one feel easy and secure. We can help your loved one with but not limited to:

Personal Care such as showering

Grooming and dressing

Medication Reminders

Mobility Assistance

Meal Preparation

Feeding Assistance




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